NHS Blood & Transplant

A brief focused on improving
on-session blood donor experience. 

Client: National Health Service Blood Transplant

NHSBT is an independent organisation that supplies blood products to hospitals across Britain. Hospitals are seeking innovative ways to reduce the cost of transfusion, improve performance, and reduce blood wastage.

As a business in charge of blood supply, we were asked to apply Business Transformation thinking and strategy to NHS in the scope of the end-to-end donor experience. How might we enhance the blood donor’s experience by making it an efficient, consistent and satisfactory journey?

My responsibilities:
User design research
Conducting interviews
Journey mapping
UI mockups

Field research at Manchester Norfolk House Blood Donor Centre


When we went out to the field, we focused on exploring the full end-to-end experience for blood donors. Through our field research and interviews, we found that the people took pride in, and enjoyed being blood donors.

We framed our problem statement:

“How might we enhance the blood donor’s experience by making it an efficient, consistent and satisfactory journey?”

Based on our findings, we identified two major patterns:
overall satisfaction from the blood donation experience and time efficiency of blood donation were correlated.

From understanding the blood donor's journey, we identified key moments we want to improve: check in, donation on-session experience, and the closure experience. 


  • Online survey
  • Immersive experience
  • In-depth interviews
  • Guerrilla research and observations
  • Desktop research
  • Journey Mapping
  • Value proposition canvas


  • Team culture canvas
  • Check in & Check out
  • Team feedback


Our research enabled us to create insights from understanding the donor’s journey, and identify opportunites for possible solutions.

These included: minimizing check-in time by  modernizing the process to make it more efficient, to value donor’s time, minimize an element of fear and discomfort during the blood donation process, and to improve the post-session experience for donors to increase retention rate.