A brief focused on exploring the future of travel.

Client:  is a hotel reservations website providing discounted accommodation throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

How might we assist users in planning, booking and experiencing UK trips? 

My responsibilities:
User design research + interviews 
Contextual Inquiry 
Immersive + Analogous research 
Journey mapping

Exploring new channels and markets for the future of travel.


From the inital briefing from LateRooms, we were asked to explore the future of travel by gathering insights about users and identify opportunities for new products or services.

We conducted various research methods and activities to explore this topic. Our team did immersive research and took a trip together to Edinburgh for the first time, emotional journey maps, created discussion guides and facilitated user interviews with people who traveled in the UK, and also interviewed people working within the travel industry.


Our research enabled us to identify a main insight from our interviews, and suggest a new area for LateRooms to explore extending products and services.

We identified storytelling as an opportunity to connect travellers within the UK. To inspire trips and to rediscover neighborhoods.


  • Online Ethnography
  • Desk Research
  • Contextual Inquiry
  • Emotion Journey Mapping
  • Immersive + Analogous research
  • Guerilla research
  • Interview Guide
  • Interview Downloads
  • User interviews
  • Expert interviews
  • World Cafe
  • 5 Why’s (Simon Sinek)
  • Competitor Matrix


  • Team culture canvas
  • Check in & Check out
  • Bad Feelings Parking lot
  • Team feedback
  • Team reflections
  • Team bonding activities


    • This client brief was specifically focused on identifying a clear opportunity. It was NOT focused on ideas, making prototypes and testing them. This brief & deliverable was focused on drilling down into the best ways to understand people, their needs, their desires, their attitudes and their behaviours. Focusing only on the discovery & define phase required many different approaches to the research.

    • Taking the stakeholder along in our journey, talking through our process week by week, helped in understanding how to deliver the final presentation to the rest of the team at LateRooms.

    • Trust your team. When the project gets momentum, it can sometimes feel like there’s too much to do, no time to slow down, and to take more responsibilities to move the project forward. The time that you feel the most stressed and pressured to move quickly- is the time to slow down to think clearly.